For Faculty & Staff

Recommended Syllabus Statement

A recommended syllabus statement for faculty to use.

View/download the Recommended Syllabus Statement (PDF)

Accessibility Training for Instructors

Accessibility Training for Instructors is a self-paced training developed by the Accessibility Resource Center and the Center for Excellence in Teaching to provide UWM instructors the resources and training they need to support students with disabilities and to make their course accessible for all students.

  • Just-in-time resources including practical suggestions to help instructors design their course to better meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities
  • Earn the “UWM Certificate in Accessibility for Instructors” sponsored by the Office of the Provost

Earning the certificate is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to teaching and to our students at the university!

Accommodation and Accessibility Guidelines

Recommendations, guidelines and helpful information for all instructors who are teaching students with disabilities.

View/download the Accommodation and Accessibility Guidelines for Faculty/Staff (PDF)

Top Tips for Universal Design in the Classroom & Online Course.

View/download the Top Tips for Universal Design in the Classroom & Online Course (PDF)

Essential Accessibility Considerations

The essential list of accessibility considerations from the Provost’s Office.

View/download the Essential Accessibility Considerations (& Resources) for Instructional Materials (PDF)

Notetaker Letter & Announcement

Information and suggestions for helping an ARC student in your class with finding a notetaker. Includes a suggested script that may assist you in composing the email or making the announcement in class.

View/download the Notetaker Letter and Announcement (PDF)

View/download the How To Get A Notetaker tipsheet (PDF)

Alternative Testing Form Tip Sheet

Helpful information about providing accommodated tests/exams for ARC students with an Alternative Testing Form.

View/download the ARC Alternative Testing Form Tip Sheet (PDF)

ARC Excellence Award

The ARC Excellence Award recognizes instructional staff members who demonstrate exemplary service to ARC students and staff.

View previous ARC Excellence Award winners

Life Happens. UWM Cares. (Mental Health Resources)

The information presented on this website is intended to assist members of our campus community who are experiencing emotional distress and to aid those who provide support for these individuals. Population specific resources are included.

Click here for UWM Mental Health Resources

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