Robert J. Jeske

 (414) 229-4175
 Sabin Hall 275


PhD, Northwestern University

Courses Taught

Anthro 103 – Digging Up the Past: Approaches to Archaeology
Anthro 304 – Violence and Warfare in Prehistory (online)
Anthro 308 – Archaeology of North America
Anthro 501 – Archaeology of Death
Anthro 502 – Lithic Analysis and Experimentation
Anthro 562 – Techniques and Problems in Archaeology
Anthro 566 – Archaeological Analysis and Report Preparation
Anthro 567 – Archaeological Field School
Anthro 802 – Perspectives on Prehistory
Anthro 942 – Seminar on Prehistory and Archaeology (The Organization of Lithic Technology)

Research Narrative

My research interests include archaeological method and theory, the economics of stone tool production and use, survey methods and settlement models, mortuary studies and experimental archaeology geared towards stone tool production and site formation processes. I have performed fieldwork in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Mexico, and Ireland. I am currently collaborating on a number of interrelated projects with colleagues and students using radiocarbon, lithic, ceramic, osteological, and environmental data to clarify the culture chronology and lifeways of Paleoindian, Archaic, Woodland and Contact periods in southeastern Wisconsin. I am also involved in public archaeology and historic preservation, and have worked with government, non-profit, Tribal, and private organizations to use archaeology to serve the public interest.

Relevant Professional Activities

President, Midwest Archaeological Conference (2014-present)
Senator, UW Milwaukee Faculty Senate (2012-present)
Board of Directors, Wisconsin Archaeological Survey (2011-present)
Chair, UW Milwaukee Department of Anthropology (2004-2008)
Treasurer, Midwest Archaeological Conference (2003-2005)
President, Wisconsin Archaeological Survey (2001-2003), Vice President, (1999-2000)
Board of Directors, Central States Anthropological Association (1999-2001)
Director, UW Milwaukee Archaeological Research Laboratory (1997-present)
Indiana State Historic Preservation Review Board (1991-1997)
Board of Directors, Council for the Conservation of Indiana Archaeology (1990-1995) Secretary-Treasurer (1991-1994)
Executive Board of Directors, Illinois Archaeological Survey (1989-1991; 1998-2000)

Selected Publications

Edwards, R. W., Jeske, R. J., & Coltraine, J. B. (2017, May). Preliminary Evidence for the Efficacy of the Canine Surrogacy Approach in the Great Lakes. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 13, 516-525.
Sterner, K. M., & Jeske, R. J. (2017, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). A Multi-Method Approach to Inferring Early Agriculturalists’Stone Tool Use: The Crescent Bay Hunt Club Site. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology, 41(1), 1-27.
Arnold, B., & Jeske, R. J. (2014, August). The Archaeology of Death: Mortuary Archaeology in the United States and Europe 1990-2013. Annual Review of Anthropology, 43, 325-346.
Jeske, R. J., & Brown, J. A. (2013, December). Addendum-Chipped Stone Assemblage. Brown, J. A. (Ed.). Mound City. Lincoln, Nebraska: National Park Service, Department of the Interior.
Hart, J. P., Lovis, W. A., Jeske, R. J., & Richards, J. D. (2012, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). The Potential of Bulk δ13C on Encrusted Cooking Residues as Independent Evidence for Regional Maize Histories. American Antiquity, 77(2), 315-325.
Jeske, R. J., Winkler, D. M., & Blodgett, D. C. (2010, May). Experimental Heat Alteration of Lithic Raw Materials. Fergusen, J. R. (Ed.). Designing Experimental Research in Archaeology: Examining Technology Through Production and Use, 111-128. University Press of Colorado.
Winkler, D. M., & Jeske, R. J. (2009, November). Late Pleistocene Occupations in the Lake Koshkonong Region, Southeastern Wisconsin. Current Research in the Pleistocene, 26, 126-128.
Jeske, R. J., & Winkler, D. M. (2008). The Clovis Occupation of the Schmeling Site (47je833) in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Current Research in the Pleistocene, 25, 99-102.
Jeske, R. J. (2006). Hopewell Regional Interactions in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois: A Core/Periphery Approach. Charles, D. K., & Buikstra, J. E. (Eds.). Recreating Hopewell, 285-309. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida.