Let’s see your Panther Pride
on UWM Black and Gold
Spirit Days



Join us in this campus celebration of UWM spirit! Wear black and gold, decorate your office in Panther colors and compete for Team Black & Gold Spirit by participating in fun, team-building activities.

Spirit Day Dates

Spirit Day #1 – Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Spirit Day #2 – Friday, November 10, 2017
Spirit Day #3 – Friday, March 2, 2018

Activity List and Spirit Activities Entry Submission Form
View the complete list of 2017-2018 Spirit Day activities here.
Spirit Leaderboard
Spirit Liaisons
Accessibility Resource Center Marion Angeloff angeloff@uwm.edu
Accounting Services Monica Rodriguez monicar2@uwm.edu   
African American Student Academic Services Gary Cooper-Sperber
Alumni Relations & Development Ana Myers myersam@uwm.edu  
Assessment and Institutional Research Charisse Sekyi sekyi@uwm.edu
Athletics Nate Dudzik dudzikn@uwm.edu
Biological Sciences/Geosciences Jessica Schuld  jlschuld@uwm.edu
Career Planning and Resource Center

Edwin Ramos 

Derek Zimmerman



Cartography & GIS Center Donna Genzmer dgs@uwm.edu
Center for International Education Sue Conway conways@uwm.edu
Children’s Learning Center Kathe Lerario klerario@uwm.edu
College of Engineering & Applied Science Wendy Pero  pero@uwm.edu
College of Health Sciences Michelle Rimer  rimer@uwm.edu
College of Nursing Gina Lukaszewicz lukaszew@uwm.edu
Graduate School

Whitney Smith

Steve Strehlow



Human Resources

Gina Halenka

Marissa Trgo



Integrative Health Care & Performance Unit Yeeilianna Hamilton hamiltoy@uwm.edu
Innovative Weather/Atmospheric Sciences

Lily Chapman

Alexander Bukvich

Mike Westendorf




Legal Affaris Jennifer Herzog herzogj@uwm.edu
LGBT Resource Center

Sarah DeGeorge

Jeanette Martin



Lubar School of Business Mary Moore-Geissler moorege2@uwm.edu
Occupational Science & Technology

Cynthia Warneke

Justin Almquist



Office of the Chancellor Carolina Svendsen carolina@uwm.edu
Office of the Provost Sue Podgorski suei@uwm.edu
PASS Mary Knasinski mkk2@uwm.edu
Peck School of the Arts Raeleen McMillion rtwrae@uwm.edu
Roberto Hernandez Center Valeria Gonzalez valeria@uwm.edu
School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Tammy Stroschein-Taylor

Nathan Uibel



School of Continuing Education

Kara Posnanski

Karen Perlewitz



School of Education

Maggie Kaczmarek

Ryan Mason



School of Information Studies Twyla McGhee twyla@uwm.edu
Student Association Professional Staff Office Brooke Messier bmessier@uwm.edu
Student Involvement  Krystal McCain kamccain@uwm.edu
Student Success Center

Erin Bowerman

Jennee Schansberg



Transportation Services Glenn Morgan glennd@uwm.edu
UITS  Amber Rust rusta@uwm.edu
UITS Project Management Cassie McMurphy cassia@uwm.edu
Undergraduate Admissions Amy Danielson danielaj@uwm.edu
Undergraduate Research Kyla Esguerra kylam@uwm.edu
University Relations Hannah Jablonski hannah@uwm.edu
UWM Police

Deidre Colas

Aundria Johnson



UWM Union Susan Butkovic susanb1@uwm.edu
Zilber School of Public Health George Henion henion@uwm.edu


Team Black & Gold Spirit – For the team comprised of one or more offices who earns the most points by completing and documenting activities on the Spirit Days Activity List. Activities must be documented and entries sent in by 12pm on Spirit Day. The prize comes with a Pizza Shuttle Pizza Party for 20, and a spirit basket sure to inspire, delight and put spring in your step.

If you work in a small office and want help finding an office to pair with to make a team, reach out to Cindy Petrites at petrites@uwm.edu. We can help!

Panther Participation Pizza Prize – Chosen by drawing from among teams who submit at least one entry in the Spirit Days competition by 12pm on Spirit Day. The prize comes with a Pizza Shuttle Pizza Party for 20 and a spirit basket that’ll make you the envy of all proud Panthers and bumblebees.


What’s new this year?
1) Instead of Most Spirited Office, to give small offices a fighting chance in the competition, participants – just one office or multiple offices competing as a team –will compete for Team Black & Gold Spirit.
2) We will make sure to give campus access to the Activities list at least three weeks before Spirit Day, instead of the two weeks we have usually given.
3) We are hosting Spirit Day Brainstorming on three dates during the 2017-18 academic year during which you could have coffee on us at a Grind Coffee Shop and give us ideas for the Activities lists.

When are the Spirit Day Brainstorming sessions and where are they?
They are: Friday, September 15, 8:30-9:30am at the Library Grind; Thursday, October 12, 9-10am at the Library Grind; Thursday, February 1, 8:30-9:30am at the Union Grind

We’re an office. Do we have to form a team?
Yes, in order to compete, you have to form a team.  The team could be your office or it could be your office in combination with another one or more offices.  If you are a Spirit Liaison and don’t name your team, we will default to Team ____________ (name of your office). The only thing to remember is that if your office and other offices compete together, you share the pizza.

Can we name our team anything?
Yes, we will thumbs up any name guided by good taste and respect for all. The convention guiding us is Team _______________.  (Team Alumni, Team Women’s Studies, etc.). If you choose a non-office-related name, we just need to know which offices make up your team so we can put that on the Spirit Days site.

Can there be competing teams from one office or friends that compete together but don’t necessarily represent an office or offices?
We’d ask that a team represent an office or offices rather than have individuals from one office or offices compete with others from the same places. And while we hope teams are comprised of friends, we’d prefer to have some alignment with team and office/s.

What do we win as Team Black & Gold Spirit?
You will win Alumni Relations’ undying gratitude, major props on the UWM Spirit Days website and a Pizza Shuttle Pizza Party for 20 people. You will also have some fun pictures of you and your colleagues doing silly, team-building activities.  And you will receive a cool Spirit Basket delivered by Alumni Relations staff.

Whoa, that’s an intimidating list. We can’t do every activity, but we’d like to participate in one or two.  Can we still win?
Yes, any team that submits one entry or more will be in a drawing for Panther Participation Pizza Prize. This, as you might imagine, comes with a Pizza Shuttle Pizza Party for 20 people and a better day than you were having before (that is, unless you just won the lottery, in which case it may not make much of a difference). The Team Black & Gold Spirit winner is NOT eligible to win the Panther Participation Pizza Prize for that Spirit Day. That would be way too many pizzas.

What if we do all the activities on the list? Do we automatically win Team Black & Gold Spirit?
Yes! You will be recognized as Team Black & Gold Spirit if you complete all the activities on the list. You will win the Pizza Shuttle pizza party, too, if you have not already won the Team Black & Gold Spirit pizza party during a previous Spirit Day.

How are we notified if our team wins?
Throughout the competition week, check uwm.edu/spiritdays to see where your team stands in the rankings. We will update point totals every weekday. The winner will be announced via uwm.edu/spiritdays on Spirit Day, and we in Alumni Relations will call the Spirit Liaison for the winning team or teams to inform them of their victory by 2pm that day.

Can our team win Team Black & Gold Spirit more than once?
Your team can be recognized as Team Black & Gold Spirit an unlimited number of times, but you can only win the Team Black & Gold Spirit Pizza Party once. If you earn the most points (or all the points available to earn) more than once, the Pizza Party for 20 will go to the runner up for Team Black & Gold Spirit or other teams that tied your totals. Your team can still be in the drawing for Panther Participation Pizza Prize on that Spirit Day, however.

What if there is a tie for Team Black & Gold Spirit?
If there is a tie in points, we will award the Team Black & Gold Spirit title to both teams. We will award the pizza party to as many teams as win the Team Black & Gold Spirit title, excepting those who have won the pizza party already in 2017-18 for being Team Black & Gold Spirit.

Can our team win the Panther Participation Pizza Prize more than once?

So exactly how many pizza parties can we win during the year?
You can win two total. Once for Team Black & Gold Spirit and once, if you’re selected in the drawing, for Panther Participation Pizza Prize.

When does the pizza come if we win?
On Spirit Day we will come to your team with a Spirit Basket filled with the drinks, cups and plates that you need for your party. We will also send out a survey that you can complete to let us know what kind of pizzas you want and when. You will have a month from Spirit Day to host your pizza party. You’ll need to complete the survey at least 72 hours from when you want to host your party.

We have gluten sensitivity and allergies on our team. What about us?
Our pizza vendor, Pizza Shuttle, offers gluten-free options.  If you have a dairy or other allergy or are just meh on pizza, we will work with you to find another suitable option.

Who are the judges of the competition?
The official judges of the competition are very math-skilled staff here in the Alumni Association.

Who is sponsoring this competition?
The UWM Alumni Association and Pizza Shuttle, who is providing the pizzas.

What if I have other questions?
Reach out to Cindy Petrites at petrites@uwm.edu.

Is this a lot of fun?
You bet!