Alumni Employee Awards

Celebrate your stellar alumni employee peers!

logoThe Alumni Employee Awards recognize our outstanding alumni employees at UWM for their contributions to the University. Offered at the Alumni Employee Awards and Appreciation Lunch every spring, these awards communicate the esteem in which the Alumni Association holds our alumni employees and provides fellow employees and students a way to honor those they see every day making a difference at UWM.

2017 Categories

This award recognizes alumni for exceptional performance in their work as employees of UWM. It honors alumni who have through their work elevated the University’s mission, reputation or morale and who embody professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication. Honorees achieve excellence and demonstrate impact, often through committee work, special assignments and/or other noteworthy activities.

The “Unsung Hero” Award is presented to alumni employees not widely recognized for their work but who have in some significant way contributed to UWM. As they work to fulfill their unit and Division goals, honorees contribute behind the scenes with their skill, time and effort toward furthering the vision and mission of the University. Honorees should be known for their consistency, dependability, respect for others, commitment to their team, and willingness to pitch in to achieve collective goals. Honorees are both supportive to others and results-oriented and frequently work through obstacles to make the impossible possible.

The Community-University: We Make a Difference Award honors those alumni employees who as representatives of UWM have generously contributed their time and talents for the enrichment of others and the betterment of their communities. This award bestows recognition on those individuals who have given of themselves in support of various civic, charitable, philanthropic and/or social service organizations and who have, in doing so, forged or strengthened partnerships between these organizations and the University.

View the 2017 Nominees

Community-University: We Make a Difference Award

J.Dietenberger ’95
Adam Hudson ’06
Gwat-Yong Lie ’80
Kathryn Martin-Meurer ’05, ’07
Beth Peterman ’74, ’00

Outstanding Performance Award

Tammy Badura ’12
Michael Brondino ’79
Rita Delzer ’95
J.Dietenberger ’95
Aaron Dobbs ’01, ’07
Marcia Gabriel ’95
Angel Hessel ’91
Tammy Howard ’15
Kate Nelson ’07
Anita Samuel ’12, ’14, ’16
Benjamin Schneider ’02
Kelby Spann ’01
Ericka Stark ’01
Gina Seegers Szablewski ’96
Alexandra Torinus ’00, ’04
Lisa Xiong ’07

Unsung Hero Award

Karen Beres ’09, ’10
Rob Bodart ’13, ’16
Kari Brickler ’94
J. Dietenberger ’95
Ann Dietrich ’02
Susan Foran ’98
Beverly Gehring ’85
Rob Graziano ’86, ’93
Allee Hochmuth ’12
Deatra Holloway ’99, ’02
Les Johnson ’14
Amy Kirby ’98
Paul Klajbor ’06
Kerry Korinek ’99
Laura Meyer ’03
Christopher Ney ’87
Sherri Pfennig ’87
Alex Riehle ’12, ’15
Jennee Schansberg ’11, ’16
Cheryl Scherkenbach ’73
Sammy Werner ’13
Rachel Westrum ’04

Selection Committee

Suzanne Abler ’90, Zilber School of Public Health and Office of the Provost
Barbara Cooley ’91, Emeritus Board of Trustees
Julie Frey ’87, College of Nursing
Erin Harrass ’83, Alumni Relations
Krystal McCain ’14, Student Involvement
Annie Prak ’12, College of Letters & Science
Joslyn Schiedt ’04, Lubar School of Business
Leah Schreiber Johnson ’10, Peck School of the Arts
Virginia Stoffel ’83, College of Health Sciences

2017 Awardees

Outstanding Performance: Michael Brondino ’79

“He is passionate about student success and has a deep desire to ensure our students become as impactful as he is to the field and their place of work.”



Outstanding Performance: Tammy Howard ’15

“Tammy’s devotion to UWM, her good cheer and unparalleled collegiality, and her expertise on the ‘nitty gritty’ of university legal and administrative matters — all of these traits make her one of UWM’s best.”


 Community-University: We Make a Difference:   Kathryn Martin-Meurer ’05, ’07

“Her dedication to community service combines her own unique artistic practices with her enormous talent for teaching in ways that enrich the lives of people in the Milwaukee area and open their eyes to the power of art.”


Unsung Hero: Paul Klajbor ’06

“Paul . . . models a UWM education in all ways: strategic planning, analysis, problem solving — and in values like fairness, diplomacy and genuine care and concern for the people he works with, for and among.”


Alumni Association Champion: Keri Duce ’07

“There are so many wonderful things to say about Keri, as she exemplifies Panther Pride in both her professional, and her volunteer service to her alma mater. There is never a doubt that Keri bleeds black and gold and is a true UWM partner.”