Your support makes a difference

Panther Advocates are alumni, community members, students and  who communicate with elected officials and the community on the great value UWM provides to Southeastern Wisconsin. Panther Advocates utilize their personal and professional networks to be effective and powerful ambassadors for the university.

Ways to Get Involved

When policies affecting UWM come before the state Legislature, you can communicate, inform, and encourage your elected officials, friends and community members.

Contact your elected officials
Elected officials are receptive to opinions expressed by their friends, neighbors and constituents. You may contact your legislators either by phone, email, letter or in-person. Learn who your state legislators are and gather their contact information at
Write a letter to the editor
Typically letters to the editor should be kept to fewer than 200 words and should contain your name, address and phone number.
Share facts and information on social media
Share with your friends, neighbors and family members, informing them about the impact of UWM. Follow @UWMAlumni, @UWM, and @UWSystem for more information and legislative updates.
Share your story
Share the story of UW-Milwaukee’s life-changing impact on our region, our state and our nation.


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