Nolan Kopkin

Assistant Professor
 Mitchell Hall 214E


PhD, Cornell University

Research Interests

Labor and education issues including discrimination in and out of the labor market, demographic differences in wages, education, self-employment, and access to credit markets, the impact of political parties on labor outcomes, labor migration, and program evaluation using econometric techniques

Teaching Interests

The economic problems of black business, demographic differences and discrimination in the labor market, statistics, econometrics, and program analysis

Selected Publications

Kopkin, N. A. (2016, November). Does Racial Prejudice affect Black Entrepreneurship?: Evidence Exploiting Spatial Differences in Prejudicial Attitudes. Applied Economics, Taylor & Francis, Published Online, 1-22.
Kopkin, N. A. (2014, December). You’re Fired!: The Impact of Race on the Firing of Black Head Coaches in Major College Football. Review of Black Political Economy, Springer, 41(4), 373-392.
Kopkin, N. A. (2012, December). Tax Avoidance: How Income Tax Rates Affect the Labor Migration Decisions of NBA Free Agents. Journal of Sports Economics, Sage Publishing, 13(6), 571-602.