Jeffrey Sommers

Professor and Chair
 Mitchell 215

Jeffrey Sommers has joined the REMESO, Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society at Linköping University in Sweden as associated faculty. He will work on collaborative research with REMESO faculty that advances their research profile.


PhD, Northeastern University

Research & Teaching Interests

Research and teaching is conducted on the “spatial fixes” to crises of global capital accumulation. Further research to this end centers on the political economy of Africa’s (and its Diaspora) accelerated integration into new networks of accumulation. Other areas investigated are development studies, developmental states, international political economy and hegemonic transitions.

Selected Publications

Sommers, J. W., Jaitner, F., Olteanu, T., & Spöri, T. "Decline of the Demos: Latvia, the Face of New Europe and Austerity’s Return". Crises in the Post-Soviet Space: From the Dissolution of the Soviet Union to the conflict in Ukraine. Routledge Press.
Sommers, J. W., & Fons, C. (2018, May). "Fear and Loathing of a Blue Wave in Wisconsin: Scott Walker Reprises in Class Warfare Against Schools and Teachers".
Sommers, J. W. (2018, February). "Bond Villain in the World Economy: Latvia’s Offshore Banking Sector".
Sommers, J. W., & Beldavs, V. (2017, December). "The emerging field of space economics: theoretical and practical considerations".
Sommers, J. W. (2017, November). "L’austérité lettone: le visage de la Nouvelle Europe". Perspectives Libres, Nov(21), 193-217.
Sommers, J. W. (2017, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). "This is How the New Colder War Turns Hot".
Sommers, J. W. (2016, November). "The Election: Failing Real Change, Hope Lost". World Financial Review.
Sommers, J. W., Ferguson, K., & Petro, P. (2016). "Social Democracy and its Discontents: The Rise of Austerity". After Capitalism: Horizons of Finance, Culture, and Citizenship, 91-132. Rutgers University Press.
Sommers, J. W., & Koltashov, V. (2016, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). "Russia, the United States and Ukraine in the Long Economic Crisis: Assessments and Prospects for the Developmental State". International Critical Thought, 6(4), 589-602.
Sommers, J. W., , & (2015, December). Race, Reality & Realpolitik: US/Haiti Relations in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. , 200. Lexington Press.
Sommers, J. W. (2015, November). "The U.S. Power Elite and the Political Economy of Haiti’s Occupation: Investment, Race & World Order". L’Occupation 1915-1934: Perspectives on Haiti and the US at the Centennial, special issue of the Journal of Haitian Studies, 21(2), pp. 46-67.
Sommers, J. W. (2015, February). "Lethal Arms Are Not What Ukraine Needs".
(2015, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). "L’Occupation 1915-1934: Perspectives on Haiti and the US at the Centennial". Journal of Haitian Studies.
Sommers, J. W., woolfson, c., & juuska, a. (2014, September). Keynote Article, “Austerity as a global prescription and lessons from the neoliberal Baltic experiment.”. Economic & Labour Relations Review, 25:3, 1-20.
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Sommers, J. W. (2013, May). "Latvians voted on ethnic lines, and with their feet". , 9.
Sommers, J. W. (2013, March). "Необходимость нового экономического и экологического порядка." "The Need for a New Economic and Ecological Order.". Ruslan Grinberg (Ed.). Мир перемен Global Change, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1, 110-115.
Sommers, J. W., & Hudson, M. (2013, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). "Latvia’s Economic Disaster as Success Story: A Model for Europe?".
Sommers, J. W. (2013, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). "America’s CEO, SCott Walker: CPAC and the Rebranding of America as a Company Town".
Sommers, J. W., Beldavs, V., & Anderson, G. (2013, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). "Move over NASA and make room for the TVA of Space: a model for accelerated commercial space development,”.
Sommers, J. W. (2013, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). "Thatcher: The Queen Mother of Global Austerity and Financialization".
Sommers, J. W., & (2012, November). "Back to the future: Space and escaping the gravitational pull of economic crisis,".
Sommers, J. W., & Hudson, M. (2012, June). “Latvia’s Fake Economic Model: Austerity’s Potemkin Villages in the Baltic”.
Sommers, J. W. (2012, June). “Latvia is no Model for Austerity”.
Sommers, J. W. (2012, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). "No Exit in EU".
Sommers, J. W., Juska, A., & Hudson, M. (2011, December). “‘No People, No Problem’: The Baltic Tigers’ False Prophets of Austerity”.
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Sommers, J. W., & Hudson, M. (2010). "How the Neoliberals Bankrupted ‘New Europe’: Latvia in the Global Credit Crisis.". The Great Credit Crash, 244-63. London: Verso Press.

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