Pricing Information

Prices for Products and Services

ACS DivCHED Examinations Institute
Effective: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017


Exam (yr) Exam Quantities (per stock code) 10-25 30-80 85 or more
HS(yr)**, CC(yr), HS(yr)A 2.00/ea 1.80/ea 1.60/ea
Exam (yr) Exam Quantities (per stock code) 10-20 25-95 100-245 250-495 500 or more
GC(yr), GC(yr)F, GC(yr)S, CD(yr), CT(yr), GC(yr)B, GC(yr)C, GC(yr)PQF, GC(yr)PQS, TP(yr) Not available 2.25/ea 2.00/ea 1.60/ea 1.00/ea
AN(yr), BC(yr), CS(yr), DUCK08, GB(yr), IA(yr), IN(yr), OR(yr), PH(yr)C, PH(yr)D, PH(yr)Q, PH(yr)T, PL(yr) 2.80/ea 2.60/ea 2.00/ea 2.00/ea 2.00/ea

** The (yr) represents the year of the exam being ordered, e.g., AN01 or GC00B.

All tests are sold in increments of 5 tests. The minimum order is 10 tests for all exams. Two forms (on different color paper) are available only for regular high school chemistry and general chemistry (both single-term and full-year tests) and are charged based on total number of exams ordered. Shipping and handling charges are also calculated based on the total number of exams ordered.

Single professional copies of any test are $15.00/ea (postpaid). A $5.00 credit may be claimed on subsequent multiple purchases of that test. The professional copy for which purchase credit is claimed must have been purchased after January 1, 2015.

Scoring Stencils / Answer Sheets (Bubble sheets)

Answer sheets or bubble sheets are no longer sold by ACS Exams.  Instead we include an answer sheet in all exam orders that can be copied (on plain paper) and used for testing.  To score these answer sheets, instructors can scan and send (a pdf) to us ( or ship answer sheets back to us for scoring.  Score reports will be generated within 24 hours of receiving scans or answer sheets.  For expedited scoring, please contact us.

U.S. Shipping and Handling Charges for Tests

Regular Shipping (allow one week) Second Day Shipping
Total # of Tests Total # of Tests
10-20 $13.00 10-20 $25.00
25-50 $14.00 25-50 $34.00
55-75 $15.00 55-75 $43.00
80-100 $16.00 80-100 $52.00
105-150 $17.00 105-150 $61.00
155-200 $18.00* 155-200 $70.00**

*Increase by $1.00 for each additional 50 (or fewer) tests.

**Increase by $15.00 for each additional 50 (or fewer) tests.

Small-Scale Laboratory Assessment Activities

Introductory Chemistry Book only* Book and CD*
LA1 $30.00 not available