2014 Organic Chemistry – First Term Exam

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Title: 2014 Organic Chemistry – First Term Exam

Norm: NA

Topics from which items are drawn include:
• Acids and Bases
• Alkanes, Cyclo-alkanes
• Alkenes & Alkynes
• Boiling points
• Degrees of unsaturation
• Dipole Moment
• Formal charge
• Functional group identification
• Gauche/Eclipse interactions
• Heat of hydrogenation
• Hybridization
• IUPAC nomenclature
• Polymers
• Radicals
• Resonance structures
• Spectroscopy (MS, 1H NMR, IR)
• Stereochemistry (R & S; chiral molecules; enantiomeric & diastereomeric relationships)
• Substitution and Elimination chemistry

This test is not yet normed.  Please consider contributing to the establishment of norms through the score reporting feature on this site.

Preliminary norms are available for this test here.