Probabtion Appeal


IMPORTANT: You must consult with your AOC advisor in order to apply for reinstatement/readmission.

If you are dropped from UWM, you may be reinstated immediately after a drop action or readmitted after the specified drop period in consultation with your AOC advisor. If readmitted or reinstated, you’ll be placed on final probation. Even if you wish to change your field of study upon reentry to UWM, you must still obtain official permission to reenter from your AOC advisor as well as from the director of AOC.

To change your field of study if you were academically dropped from UWM:

  • You must first obtain permission to reenter from your AOC advisor and the director.
  • Indicate your current desired field of study in the appropriate box on the application.
  • If readmitted, you must contact the AOC advisor to initiate the process of officially changing your classification.

It may be beneficial to contact the school or college you wish to transfer to in order to discuss the possibility of changing your classification prior to reapplying for admission.