The African American Faculty & Staff Council (AAFSC) serves the African and African American classified, academic staff, and faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) by providing resources, mentoring, a sense of community and equity, and a network of support for both new and seasoned employees.  We provide a forum to discuss and address issues as they pertain to African/African American faculty and staff on campus as well as in the extended community.    Our goals for this year are to raise the visibility of the AAFSC, revisit and amend AAFSC bylaws, and identify scholarships readily available to African American students.  Your knowledge, perspectives and insight are essential to the success of every African American at UWM.  You are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings.


UWM’s Strategic Plan integrates the intertwined strategic goals of, student success,research excellence, and community engagement that provides a vision for UWM’s mission. African American faculty, staff and students are dedicated to the success of UWM and participate actively in the realization of the university’s growth and development. Here is our story of contributions and success:


KATHY BERRY                                                                                                       CERTIFICATION OFFICER

klbHow do you contribute to UWM’s goals? I endorse and assist students transitioning from student teaching, internships and practicums to licensed teachers, school administrators and other PK-12 professionals. In my ten years as UWM’s certification officer, I have endorsed over 6000 teachers, administrators and PK-12 professionals.

What would you like people to know? I have a very strong connection to historically black colleges and universities and their alumni in Milwaukee. I co-founded HBCU Alumni United, a coalition of black college alumni chapters dedicated to the recruitment, mentorship, and financial support of students from Milwaukee who attend HBCUs.



TIFFANY THORNTON                                                                                       OUTREACH & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT LIBRARIAN

1How do you contribute to UWM’s goals? I work with local schools to assist in providing an academic library experience for a greater number of students including our GEDO2 program students. In addition I work with diverse populations on campus, assuring their awareness of our library resources and services.

What would you like people to know?       I am a Milwaukee Native and have graduated from MPS. In addition, I have obtained both of my degrees from UW-Milwaukee.